Teaching Experience

Instructor, I A STD 191, "Institutions and Economic Development" (upper-division seminar, UCLA), Fall 2015.

Instructor, INTL DV 160, "Research Methods for Development Policy and Practice" (undergraduate, UCLA), Summer 2015.

Instructor, GE26C, "Political Economy of Health in Latin America" (undergraduate seminar, UCLA), Spring 2015.

GE Cluster 26: "Poverty and Health in Latin America" (undergraduate, UCLA), Teaching fellow. 2014-2015 Academic Year.

PSM167, "Political Economy of Development" (undergraduate, UCLA). Teaching assistant to Prof. Daniel Posner. Spring 2014.

PS134, "Foreign Policy Decision Making and Tools of Statecraft" (undergraduate, UCLA). Teaching assistant to Prof. Arthur Stein. Winter 2014.

PS134, INTLDV191, "Senior Seminar: Participatory Sensing for Development Studies" (undergraduate, UCLA). Teaching assistant to Prof. Deborah Estrin. Spring 2011.

POLS-7750, "Political Economy of International Development" (PhD seminar, Tulane). Fall 2019.

PSDV-2400, "Intro to International Development" (undergraduate, Tulane). Fall 2019.