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Peer-Reviewed Articles

When Does Transparency Improve Public Services? Street-level Discretion, Information, and Targeting. (with Monika Bauhr) 2020. Public Administration. Early View.

Life Under Lockdown: Illustrating Tradeoffs in South Africa’s Response to COVID-19. (with Moraka N Makhura) 2020. World Development 137: January 2021, 105168.

Gendered Accountability: When and Why Do Women’s Policy Priorities Get Implemented? (with Valeriya Mechkova) 2020. European Political Science Review, 1-19.

Open Data from Authoritarian Regimes: New Opportunities, New Challenges. (with Rachael McLellan) 2020. Perspectives on Politics.

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Book Chapters

"Adapting COVID-19 containment in Africa: Lessons from Tanzania" (with Thespina Yamanis and Henry Mollel). In Coronavirus Politics: The Comparative Politics and Policy of COVID-19, eds. Scott L. Greer, Elizabeth J. King, André Peralta-Santos, Elize Massard da Fonseca. University of Michigan Press. Accepted/In press.

"Governance Beyond the State: Social Institutions and Service Delivery" (with Ellen Lust). In Oxford Handbook of Quality of Government, eds. Marcia Grimes, Monica Bauhr, Andreas Bågenholm, Bo Rothstein. Oxford University Press. Accepted/In press.

Working Papers

"Assessing the Costs and Benefits of COVID-19 Containment Strategies in Africa"

"Local Adaptation to COVID-19 Containment: Lessons from Tanzania" (with Thespina Yamanis and Henry Mollel). Under review at Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law (invited).

Environmental protection in authoritarian regimes: Investigating the role of pluralism (with Marina Povitkina). QoG Working Paper 2020:4. Quality of Government Institute. June 2020. Revise and Resubmit at World Development.

"Dissecting Aid Fragmentation: Levels of Analysis and Metrics of Success" (with Sebastian Ziaja).

Work in Progress

"The Power of Ideas: Understanding State Capacity Through Ideational Reach and Relative Power." (with Frida Börang and Anna Persson)

"National Identity: The Roots and Persistence of Forced Coexistence in Tanzania." (with Ameet Morjaria and Joris Mueller).

“When do services reach the poor? Street-level discretion and pro-poor targeting.” (with Monika Bauhr)

Policy Reports and Short Pieces

A gender data snapshot of life during COVID-19: Survey on Gender Equality at Home Report. (with Tara Patricia Cookson, Lorena Fuentes, and Alex Berryhill) September 2020. Facebook Data for Good.

A Vicious Cycle? Understanding Constraints on the Expression of Demand for Improved Service Delivery. September 2019. APSA Comparative Democratization Newsletter 17(3): 21-24.

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"Identifying and overcoming binding constraints to rural water services for the B40 in Tanzania." June 2017. WASH Poverty Diagnostic commissioned by the World Bank.

"`The Users' in Technology-for-Transparency-and-Accountability Initiatives: Assumptions and Realities" (with Rosemary McGee) October 2013. Learning study commissioned by Hivos.

Raising The Stakes: The Impact of HakiElimu's Advocacy Work on Education Policy and Budget in Tanzania. (with Rosemary McGee.) 2013. International Budget Partnership Case Study No. 12.